What types of PARTEX cable markings are there

Title: Exploration of Different Types of PARTEX Cable Markings


In the world of electrical engineering, cable markings play a crucial role in identifying and categorizing cables. PARTEX is a renowned manufacturer of cable marking systems, known for their range of high-quality products. In this article, we will explore the various types of PARTEX cable markings, highlighting their significance and applications in different industries.

1. Heat Shrinkable Sleeves:

Heat shrinkable sleeves are commonly used to mark cables in industries such as telecommunications, power distribution, and manufacturing. The principle behind these sleeves is that they shrink when exposed to heat, providing a snug fit around the cable. PARTEX offers heat shrinkable sleeves in various materials, including polyolefin and PVC, which ensure durability and resistance to environmental factors.

2. Pre-Printed Cable Markers:

To streamline cable identification processes, PARTEX offers pre-printed cable markers. These markers come with printed texts or numbers that correspond to specific cable information, such as voltage, phase, or function. They are available in different sizes and colors, allowing for easy recognition and organization of cables.

3. Laser Marking Systems:

For industries that require permanent and indelible cable markings, PARTEX provides laser marking systems. These systems use lasers to etch cable information directly onto the surface of the cable, ensuring long-lasting and highly legible markings. Laser marking is especially useful in environments with harsh conditions, where conventional cable markers may fade or wear off.

4. Push-On Markers:

Push-on markers are designed for quick and efficient cable labeling. They are made from flexible materials and can be easily pushed onto cables without requiring any additional tools. PARTEX offers push-on markers in different sizes and shapes, accommodating cables of varying diameters. These markers are particularly popular in data centers and telecommunications installations.

5. Engraved Cable Tags:

Engraved cable tags provide a durable and tamper-proof solution for cable marking. PARTEX offers tags made from materials such as stainless steel or anodized aluminum, which can withstand harsh environments and resist corrosion. These tags are typically engraved with cable information using precision machinery, ensuring clarity and longevity.

6. Identification Plates:

In certain applications, such as large-scale industrial projects or power plants, cable identification plates are used to mark cables systematically. PARTEX manufactures identification plates made from materials like polycarbonate or polyester, which are resistant to UV radiation and chemicals. These plates can be customized with printed text, barcodes, or QR codes, allowing for efficient cable management and traceability.


PARTEX cable marking systems encompass a wide range of products tailored to various industries’ specific needs. From heat shrinkable sleeves to engraved cable tags, each type of cable marking offers unique advantages in terms of durability, legibility, and application. By implementing PARTEX cable markings, businesses can enhance cable management, reduce the risk of errors, and ensure efficient operations in their electrical systems.

What types of PARTEX cable markings are there

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