The most authoritative ranking of the top ten wireless Bluetooth headsets,These ten Bluetooth headsets are the best.

Currently, the most authoritative ranking of the top ten wireless Bluetooth headsets. These ten Bluetooth headsets are the best.

Bluetooth headsets have been growing and developing in recent years, and both technology and industry scale have become much more mature than before. There are many types of Bluetooth headsets on the market, which brings trouble to people with difficulty in choosing. Which Bluetooth headset is the best? As someone who has been playing with mobile phones for many years, I will spend some time today to compile a ranking of the top ten most authoritative and useful wireless Bluetooth headsets to end everyone’s difficulty in choosing Bluetooth headsets.

The first JEET Air Plus true wireless Bluetooth headset

Top configuration, first-class sound quality

In my impression, JEET is an extremely strict Bluetooth headset brand. It is also very popular among digital geeks. It performs very well in all aspects such as basic craftsmanship, sound quality performance, and Bluetooth stability. Take the first flagship JEET Air Plus Bluetooth headset as an example:

In terms of configuration and materials, it is the top one at the same price. It uses a full-frequency HIFI moving iron unit + SR sealing ring technology, and is equipped with Qualcomm QCC3020 chip, supports APTX, AAC, and uses Knowles microphone + CVC reduction. Noise technology, high audio resolution, almost zero noise floor; it also has 35 hours of battery life. It can be said that it is the most cost-effective Bluetooth headset in the price range of 300-400 yuan.

In terms of sound quality, the sound quality of the JEET Air Plus Bluetooth headset is clear, natural and highly restored. Especially when listening to Faye Wong’s “Unrepentant”, it can vividly express the pure, innocent and unpolluted sound. The vocals are slightly sweet, full of airiness, the sound details are rich, and the analysis is in place. The positioning of the sound field is also basically accurate.

In terms of Bluetooth connection, I have tested several mobile phones of different brands. The connection speed is fast and stable, and the connection distance is very long. The connection distance of ordinary Bluetooth headsets is within 10 meters, but the connection distance of this Bluetooth headset is actually It can reach 30 meters, and it will not be disconnected when used in a partitioned environment. For daily use, the stability of this Bluetooth headset is indeed very powerful.

In addition, it is also very enjoyable to play games with this Bluetooth headset. After playing Asphalt 8 for a while, the performance of the headset is still very good, and the sound and picture can basically be synchronized. In the game, you can hear corresponding sound effects for different operations such as turning, sudden braking, and drifting. For example, the sound of friction between tires and the ground is very realistic and synchronized in real time. There is basically no delay, and the overall experience is very good.

The second B&O E8 true wireless Bluetooth headset

wireless Bluetooth headset

APP fully functional

Through the Beoplay E8 Bluetooth headset APP, users can experience the E8’s unique transparent modes, which are ambient sound mode, social mode, and transportation mode. They can be debugged in different scenarios and are very convenient to use.

In addition, the APP can also control the playback of music, and can also directly search and connect Bluetooth headsets. Of course, the traditional Bluetooth search and pairing method can also be used on the mobile phone; the Tonetouch function realizes sound balance management, can independently control the sound characteristics, and realize “I I decide the music”!

The third Samsung Gear IconX true wireless Bluetooth headset

The third Samsung Gear IconX true wireless Bluetooth headset

Big factory background, simple design

The Samsung Gear IconX Bluetooth headset comes with 4g of memory and can play music independently. It is firm and comfortable to wear and will not fall off easily. The ambient sound mode is very special and practical. Even if you are wearing the headset, you can still hear the person next to you talking to you. clear.

If you want to play some music while exercising, pay attention to comfort, and are not too demanding on sound quality, this headset is a good choice. And it is also very convenient for daily use. However, when listening to music outside, you need to turn up the volume so that the music will not be drowned out by ambient sounds.

The fourth OPPO Enco W31 true wireless Bluetooth headset

The fourth OPPO Enco W31 true wireless Bluetooth headset

Looks and sound quality online

The appearance design of the OPPO Enco W31 true wireless Bluetooth headset has been electroplated, and the overall charging box looks very textured and good-looking.

In terms of sound quality, OPPO Enco W31 has a dynamic mode. When listening to rock songs, as long as the dynamic mode is turned on, the performance of the drum beats, rhythms, and noise parts of the song will be more in place. The low frequency is sufficient and the depth is sufficient, and the emotion is in place but not overwhelming. The separation of instrumental music is well done, the sound field positioning is OK, and the overall sound performance is rich.

The fifth JEET ONE true wireless Bluetooth headset

wireless Bluetooth headset (4)

The No. 1 brand in sound quality and price/performance ratio

The workmanship of JEET ONE is very particular. The outer shell is sprayed with piano UV paint. It is completely made of thousand-yuan materials and design. It is high-end and generous. It is also known as the “Inspiration Edition” AirPods and has won foreign design awards. At the same time, the Euler spiral mathematical equation is integrated to calculate the perfect fit of the human ear. It is excellent in terms of comfort and stability. This headset is also the most comfortable and best-looking Bluetooth headset that I have ever worn. earphone!

As for the sound quality, as the number one brand in sound quality and price/performance ratio, JEET ONE Bluetooth headset can be said to be the strongest within 300 yuan, with full sound quality at low frequencies and clear treble. It pioneered a three-chamber design + intelligent AI tuning, with good sealing and a strong sense of immersion when listening to music in daily life. No wonder they were sold to more than 400 yuan a piece by scalpers during the pre-sale period.

The sixth Audio-Technica ATH-CKR7TW true wireless Bluetooth headset

The sixth Audio-Technica ATH-CKR7TW true wireless Bluetooth headset

Sound quality is neutral

The overall workmanship of Audio-Technica’s ATH-CKR7TW Bluetooth headphones is average, but the quality is still guaranteed. Although both the box and the headphone body have a strong plastic feel, and the buttons on the two ears are hard and can’t be pressed, while the loose buttons will pause when touched. However, there are basically no gaps or anything, so it is considered a pass.

In terms of sound quality, this Audio-Technica ATH-CKR7TW Bluetooth headset is slightly different from the traditional tuning style of Lao Tie. It is not the ultimate female poison and is more neutral. On the contrary, it is more suitable for my omnivorous listening style. The overall listening experience is still the same. Not bad.

The seventh Wanmo 1MORE Color Buds true wireless Bluetooth headphones

wireless Bluetooth headset (6)

Exquisite appearance

The appearance of 1MORE’s new fashion beans Color Buds feels really small. The weight of each ear is only 4.1g, and there is no weight-bearing feeling when wearing it. In terms of color matching, my model is Fantasy Black, and there are four colors including Liquid Gold, Hummingbird Green and Cherry Blossom Pink, which are enough to meet the needs of trendy male and female users.

In terms of battery life, the Color Buds new fashion beans can last for about 6 hours on a full charge per ear, and the total battery life of the earphones + charging box can reach 22 hours. In addition, it also supports fast charging, and you can enjoy up to 2 hours of battery life after charging for 15 minutes.

The eighth Jabra 65t true wireless Bluetooth headset

The eighth Jabra 65t true wireless Bluetooth headset
Wear firmly and have good sports performance

The Jabra 65t Bluetooth headset adopts a split in-ear design and has a strong overall business feel. Unfortunately, it only comes in a single color of black and gray, and the overall size is relatively large, so it is more used by male users.

In terms of wearing, the Jabra 65t Bluetooth headset feels very stable when worn. It is suitable for use during sports. The shape of the headset fits the contour, but it will feel oppressive for a long time. It is officially advertised as supporting IPX5 waterproofing, and according to personal testing, it is no problem for daily waterproofing and sweatproofing.

The ninth Kugou X5 true wireless Bluetooth headset

The ninth Kugou X5 true wireless Bluetooth headset

Unique appearance

Kugou X5 Bluetooth headset itself has a strong appeal to music lovers. Because in terms of relevance for listening to music with true wireless Bluetooth headsets, Kugou X5 has content barriers that many other wireless Bluetooth headset brands do not have.

In terms of actual experience, it is also very easy to use. For example, it supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which can be connected immediately; the charging cabin design ensures portability and solves the problem of outdoor charging life; the product interaction adopts a minimalist design, and both the left and right earphones can be used alone. Functions such as playback and pause can be implemented.

The tenth JEET MARS true wireless Bluetooth headset

The tenth JEET MARS true wireless Bluetooth headset

Enthusiast-level sports performance, high configuration

The JEET MARS Bluetooth headset focuses on sports enthusiast-level performance. It adopts an in-ear type + “dual positioning structure” and has top-level wearing comfort and firmness. In addition, JEET MARS also has a light detection function. It stops when you take it off and plays when you put it on. It is very convenient to use during exercise.

It is worth mentioning that the JEET MARS Bluetooth headset adopts “IML+LDS laser antenna technology”, which can improve Bluetooth radio frequency transmission efficiency and reduce delays and freezes. It is not easy to use when exercising. It is not easy to run, jump or do large-scale movements. Even if the connection is dropped, outdoor riding is no problem.

These ten Bluetooth headsets not only have the highest praise rates in major digital forums, they are authoritative and have been tested by me personally. They are indeed very useful. Friends who have difficulty in choosing can directly choose from the ranking of the top ten wireless Bluetooth headsets above. Just choose the price range that suits you and the style you like to buy.

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