What are the differences between hot water boilers and steam boilers

What are the differences between hot water boilers and steam boilers

Hot water boilers and steam boilers are boiler equipment, but there are differences in use, pressure, installation method, accessory use, heating speed, etc., so when in use, please choose the right boiler equipment according to the boiler equipment.

Gas boilers can be divided into hot water boilers and steam boilers according to the use of product media. Both are boilers, but they differ in many ways.

1. Use difference

A hot water boiler is a boiler product that produces hot water and is commonly used in commercial and domestic areas such as winter heating, bathing, and hotel accommodation. Steam boilers are mainly used to produce steam, gas boilers for industrial production in chemical plants, metallurgical plants, mining sites, clothing factories, thermal power stations, ships and other industries.

2. Pressure difference

Hot water boilers can be divided into atmospheric hot water boilers and pressurized hot water boilers according to pressure. Pressurized hot water boilers are hot water boilers with working pressure, but more atmospheric hot water boilers are used. Steam boilers generally have working pressure and are pressure vessels.

3. Installation difference

Because the atmospheric hot water boiler does not have working pressure, it does not need to be recorded and inspected during installation, and can enter the working state after installation and commissioning. The steam boiler is a pressure vessel, which needs to be inspected and accepted by the local quality inspection department during installation. The operation can only be carried out after passing the acceptance.

4. the use of accessories difference

Hot water boilers do not have working pressure, do not need to install a pressure gauge, but must install a water level gauge, steam boilers on the contrary, need to install a pressure gauge, but do not need a water level gauge.

5. heating speed difference

The hot water boiler is relatively gentle when heating hot water, which can maintain the heating heat; The steam boiler is due to the conversion of water into steam, so it needs a lot of heat to ensure water vapor, the temperature rises faster, and the heat is fast.

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